Tips to Finding The Best Real Estate Agent In Toronto

When it comes to buying and selling real estate in Toronto, there are many things that you need to consider. Since this is a major transaction for you, it is wise to get professional help on your side. Look for the best Toronto real estate broker to save you time, help connect you with the right buyer or seller, and possibly save you from a substantial financial mistake. Leverage their experience and connections to get the best deal for you – buying or selling a property.

best real estate agentsHome owners and prospective purchasers should understand the value in hiring real estate agents. Knowing what services they can provide you will help you with this. A good professional broker will guide you through the process of purchasing the right property that fits your requirements and budget or find a buyer for you if you are selling.

Some very good reasons why you would want to hire an agent are:

  • A real estate agent is well trained in the procedures of the buying and selling of properties, many of which you might not even be aware of. When you hire a realtor it is their duty to walk you through the whole process. This includes the searching for or marketing of properties, paper work, financial items and more. Sometimes you will need them to introduce you to another professional such as a lawyer who will perform related real estate services.
  • Most real estate agents in Toronto know the market conditions. The market will govern your buying and selling process. When listing your property for sale, a realtor will know the price range that you should list for in order to have a reasonable chance of selling your property in a timely manner. When looking to purchase a home, you share your available budget and other requirements such as the home specifications, then your agent will search for the best property that meets your needs.
  • Your real estate broker is your representative, your advocate, in dealing with the high value transactions of buying and selling properties. They meet on your behalf with others who have the interest of the other parties and will help with the offers and negotiations. They will handle the paperwork for you which can be tricky and something most people don’t enjoy.

If you are planning to hire a Toronto real estate agent, you have to know several things about them. Hiring a professional agent takes some work but can be fun since you will be meeting people whose business requires them to be friendly and outgoing. You should understand how a Toronto realtor works and know what their track record is before you choose one. We have put together information on this page and on this site to provide you with some tips on finding a top real estate agent in Toronto. I hope you find it helpful. Please leave a comment if you do.

Do Your Research

You should use more than one source in performing your due diligence to find one of the top real estate agents Toronto has to offer. Your first option may not be as good as others. Aside from asking recommendations from your friends, it is best to scan multiple realtor websites. This can help you to get a feel of different strengths and specializations of a variety of agents.

Understand the Service to be Provided and Fees You Will Pay

Get a clear explanation on what the realtor will do for you and what the fees will be when selling your property. If your expectation on how your realtor will work with you is different from how they are going to serve you, then you can have conflict and stress. A realtor will explain in detail what to expect as it in in their best interest to have a good working relationship with you. A good real estate agent wants you to be a satisfied customer so you will refer them to others and even use them again yourself when the need arises. Get a clear understanding on what type of promotion the realtor will do for you in selling for you such as specific media advertising, open houses, signage or other marketing efforts. The very minimum starting point is  for them to put a sign on your lawn and list on MLS. This is not a big deal – any realtor can do this very easily without much effort.  But what will they do beyond that? Who are they going to talk to in order to sell your home? This will be a key indicator of your wanting to use their services or not. It should be noted that a good, well connected realtor can sell your home for you even without a sign on your lawn, in the case of situations where the seller wants to be private in their intentions.

In searching for the best real estate agent in Toronto, you should not just compare the services offered by competing realtors, you want to be clear on what you are paying in commission rates and that the realtor is covering the advertising expenses. Most Toronto real estate companies charge similar rates for selling your home but there are a few with discounted rates. The key is to get good value for the money being charged.  You don’t want to pay too little and not sell your property, especially if it is critical that it sells quickly. Understand that there is a serious financial and time commitment involved for a realtor to sell your property.

Check out their Work Habits

A real estate agent should be accessible and know how to set priorities. Good communication skills are another key for Toronto top real estate agents to possess. They should connect with you according to your preferred communication method such as phone, email, text etc. You want them to inform you on important updates and answer your queries on a timely basis. You want them to dig for you to bring in prospective buyers if you are selling and to provide enough properties for you to check out if you are buying a home.

Ask Toronto realtors for the homes they have listed for sale. View them online to see how they are portrayed.  Do they have photos and are they good ones? Do they take the time to write a good compelling description of the property? Little items like this tell much about a person in regards to their professionalism and work habits.

Check Their Knowledge and Experience

toronto real estate agents

You want to usually work with a realtor who has at least a couple of years’ experience in the industry. There are many lessons and nuances to learn.  This is especially important because they are dealing with the selling or buying of probably your biggest investment in your life. They should be able to lead you through the important intricacies involved in real estate transactions. There are special details involved in the searching for a property and dealing with legal, banking and other issues. If you need a good professional to handle legal matters or maybe a home stager, building inspector or other quality service providers, top Toronto real estate agents are well connected and can introduce you to a good selection of pros who they know and trust. This could also include a referral for a good contractor to do repairs or upgrades on a property after you purchase.

Also, how well are the agents respected in the real estate community? Do they have a good network of realtors they work with, which can be very important in selling your property or buying?

If you find someone you like who fits your criteria, you want to be careful that you don’t get handed off to an assistant or someone new.

A real estate agent in GTA needs to be knowledgeable in the local market. It is not a good sign if you know more than him or her. It is preferable that they live in the area of GTA that you want to sell or buy in.  They should be familiar with important things happening in the community such as development projects for shopping, schools and public facilities.  Also they should know about the existing schools, parks, medical facilities, libraries and transportation systems.

Is the Realtor Using Technology?

Most homes are viewed initially over the internet.  It is a major part of buying and selling real estate now. A digitally savvy broker is the best real estate agent Toronto can provide. They will be able to access important information easily and communicate effectively with you and other parties related to your real estate project. They will understand much better the intelligence of harnessing the power of the internet for their business.

So Go For It

This information along with the ideas on other pages should help you look for the best Toronto real estate agent. It is worth the time and effort to search for an agent. It might take several days but once you find a reliable Toronto real estate broker, it will be a relief as you will have a professional who will work hard for you on your project and one you can relate to.

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